Topic : Asus Rog Delta Headset Review

If you are looking for a Gundam headset, aka Asus rog delta Gundam then you are at the correct place; we will cover Asus Rog Delta Headset Review.

Asus Rog Delta Headset Review
Asus Rog Delta Headset Review

Introduction of  Asus Rog Delta Headset Review.

We usually raise an eyebrow when we see gaming headsets with high price tags since it means that, while the high price might be justified, the headset must perform a lot of things well and well. So, with a price tag of $180, the Asus ROG Delta RGB headset had to deliver. It’s clearly marketed as a premium gaming headset, with PC gaming as one of its primary applications, but ASUS believes it’s also adaptable enough to be your go-to set of headphones for all devices.

The Asus rog delta Gundam is a little larger than other common headsets, but its triangle or D-shaped ear cups, rather than the more conventional circular or oval shaped ones, give it a larger appearance.

These are quite great from an aesthetic standpoint, with a distinct look—wonderful it’s to see something new in a headset’s design—and from a comfort one, it works as well; these are as comfortable as any other pair of cans I’ve tried.

it may not be suitable for players with smaller heads. The headband is solid and seems quite secure in its construction, as though it might easily slip off a desk. The hinges that connect and service the headband and cups are robust and flexible enough to contribute to that snug fit by quickly adapting to your head’s shape.

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Connection of Asus rog delta Gundam

The USB-C connection is the primary method of connecting to your PC—a gesture to the direction of connectivity—but there is an adaptor cable that converts it to USB-2, adding only a few millimetres to the overall length.

Earpads of gundam headset

There are also two additional pairs of earpads in the package, as well as the normal guide books.The further ones are leatherette and thinner. This is really a question of personal opinion, although they are both pleasant; the thicker, material ones may be better for longer gaming sessions.

Voice Quality of gundam headset

During gaming Voice carried clearly and distinctly across game audio, There is issue of slight buzzing during speaking. The surround sound is neat, reliable and clear. During gaming Moving one way or another, hearing the light rustle of footsteps and, of course, identifying gun fire is clear. , the ROG Delta is also a strong performer in music and wachting movie.

Pros and cons of Asus rog delta Gundam


  • Sound quality is detailed and clear.
  • Excellent surround sound range and depth, as well as design and construction.
  • Genuinely excellent software


  • The cost is high.
  • Mic buzzing slightly for teammates
  • There’s some tinniness in the discourse.

Conclusion of Asus Rog Delta Headset Review

To summarise the Asus Rog Delta gundam, this is a fantastic headset that is well worth the money. If you’re looking to spend some money on a pair of high-end cans, gundam headset is a clear, passionate recommendation. The asus rog delta gundam comes with a two-year guarantee from Asus, which is a nice perk, especially if you’re concerned about the price of asus rog delta gundam.With this we have concluded our topic Asus Rog Delta Headset Review

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