How do I release my bike which has been seized by the traffic police? 

Topic : How do I release my bike which has been seized by the traffic police? 

If you are looking for answer for How you can release your bike, which has been seized by the traffic police then you are at correct place. Quite a few times, our motorbikes get seized by the traffic police. It might happen due to various reasons. We may not have our papers in order. You might be speeding on the roadway going much higher than the allowed speed limit. You might be involved in a major or minor vehicle accident or an excise-related case. You might have not worn your helmet. You could have jumped a signal. There can be a variety of reasons why the traffic police would seize your motorbike. So, what would you do in such a scenario where the traffic police have impounded your two-wheeler? What would your course of action be when such a thing happens. This article will discuss how you can get your motorbike back when the traffic police have seized your bike

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When your motorbike has been seized for excise-related reasons. 

Suppose your motorbike has been seized for excise-related reasons. In that case, you have to write and file an application for the return of your motorbike before the Court having jurisdiction over the limits of the Excise Department. The Court will then listen in detail to the Excise officer. Finally, if the police have no objection to returning your motorbike, the Court will decide the merit of the case and order the vehicle’s release to you, i.e. the owner. 


Sometimes the traffic police in India seize your bike for some reason. Then, in that case, you have to file a ZIMMA petition in Court. It is usually returned to the owner. Specific terms and conditions come with that too. So. sometimes, your bike gets seized for violating particular traffic rules. The motorbike will have the police station. You have to pay a fine and take back your vehicle in these cases. You can see many such cars stacked in RTO offices and the chowkies of the traffic police.  Buy Generic Viagra.


Though not legal, many a time, it happens that when the traffic police impound or seize your motorbike, you negotiate with the police officer concerned. Then you pay what is known as a “bribe”, and we take the motorcycle ownership back. This is not legal, but at the same time, this is the bitter truth of our systems while driving a vehicle or riding a motorbike. The method of “bribery” is still very much active on the roads of the Indian traffic scenario. However, this is corruption, and one should never indulge in bribery. But the vehicle owners are helpless too. They want to avoid the hassles of visiting the police station and the Court and going through the tedious and lengthy legal process when they can solve the problem by paying the bribes to the police officers involved. However, it would help if you never went in for a settlement that gives some bribe. Taking and providing bribes are illegal in the eyes of the law, and the offenders can be penalized. So, stop paying bribes and discourage other people from paying bribes, too, from getting out of a messy situation involving the traffic police and your vehicles.

Driving License 

At times, the traffic police seize your motorbike for not carrying your Driver’s Licence and Registration Certificate. In these instances, you will have to visit the Court on the particular, take the challan on the specific date mentioned to you, which the police have issued to you while seizing the bike, and then pay the fine as published by the Court. It might be quite a hassle, but you need to complete all the formalities to get your motorbike back. 

Traffic Accident 

The traffic police might also seize your vehicle/motorbike if it was involved in a traffic accident case. Such a vehicle will be released to the owner, meaning you, after the Motor Vehicle inspector’s examination of your entire motorbike and by seeking an order for release from the Court. This whole process might take up to three or four working days. 

Jumping the red light 

When the traffic police seize your bike for jumping a red light or for riding on the wrong side of the road, bring out the ignition key and hand it over to him. Then you show him that you have all the necessary documents and be polite to him. If you jumped a red light or were driving on the wrong side of the road, he will seize your license and make a challan and give you its carbon copy. Within one month, you have to go to the Court to pay the amount mentioned in the challan and get your license released. Till you go to the Court, you will not have the license, but you are allowed to ride with the challan. 

Conclusion of How do I release my bike, which has been seized by the traffic police? 

We have mentioned answer for How do I release my bike, which has been seized by the traffic police?  and what are the procedures to get them back. We hope that you found this article helpful to you. If you have any more queries, write them in the comment section at the end of the article.

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