How to invest in groww app-how to do intraday trading in groww app

How to invest in groww app-how to do intraday trading in groww app
How to invest in groww app-how to do intraday trading in groww app

Topic: How to invest in groww app-option trading in groww app

Groww is a Bangalore-based broker offering fixed-discount online brokerage services for equity investments, IPOs, and direct investment funds. Groww is the trade name of Nextbillion Technologies Pvt Ltd, is a registered stockbroker of SEBI, and a member of NSE and BSE.groww app kya h

Founded in 2016, Groww initially began as a direct investment platform for mutual funds. In mid-2020, Groww expanded its product offering to include stock trading. The company also offers digital gold, US stocks, and fixed reserves to its customers as other investment options.

The Groww fee is less than Rs 20 or 0.05% per trade. You pay a maximum of Rs.20 as a mediator for the order regardless of quantity or quantity. Groww offers free mutual fund services for investment or redemption in mutual funds.

Groww has its own trading platform called Groww (Web and Mobile Business App) which provides business experience to its investors. It is a secure application with 128-bit coding. Groww is one of the fastest-growing platforms in India with a strong customer base of over 90 million by 2020. It is one of the best-rated apps (4.5+) in Google Play Store and Apple Store.

Groww is an online broker. Unlike full-service brokers, it offers no advice, recommendations, or research services. Groww has free e-books, informational and educational blogs, and resources that can help investors/beginners learn stock market trading and investment fundamentals that can help them make informed investment decisions.

What are the Registration requirements for a Groww app?

In the development app, you can easily register. Here are just a few key documents you may need:

  • Aadhar Card
  • Pan Card
  • Bank Detail
  • Internet Banking
  • Google Account / Gmail

How does Groww App make money?

The most important question that comes to one’s mind is how does Groww App make money? Since he does not take any commissions like other advisors and agents, how does he make money?

Let’s end this dilemma here because the answer is very simple: Groww an app earns money by offering additional app premium features and features like consulting services and premium features like portfolio/investment advisor, premium features in the platform. And so on.

Add the most important features of the Groww application – enhance the application review.

The Groww Investment App comes with many features and options for a seamless user experience. Here are some key features of the Groww app that are useful to users:

Fingerprint Scanner Unlock Feature: Like most modern payment apps, the first very secure and easy feature is to use the phone’s fingerprint scanner to securely access the application. Not only is this feature completely secure, but it also saves users the time to remember their username and password whenever they log in. It also ensures that there is no unauthorized access even if the device is lost.

Option to choose between Stock and Mutual Funds: After logging in, users can switch between the “Mutual Funds” tab and the “Stock” tab. It helps users keep all their accounts separate and secure.

Groups (for mutual funds and stocks): Next shows funds and stocks by category such as “High Profits,” “Best Companies”, and so on. It is also useful for clients who are new investors who do not have practical investment experience and can go to a specific group to start investing.

Payment Options: Groww allows users to have multiple options such as UPI payments, payments through net banking, and adding funds to their investment portfolio. Madhur Satta.

Dashboard: The Dashboard tab in the app allows users to track their investment functionality.

How to open a Demat account with Groww App?

How to open a Demat account with Groww App?

Step 1: Download the Groww app and sign up. Check the “Stock” tab and click “Complete Configuration”.

Step 2: Click on the “Open Stock Account” option to continue. The growth account opening fee is zero. For more fees, you can click View All Fees. Once you agree to pay the applicable fee, check the fee and click “Open Stock Account”.

Step 3: To complete the KYC process, provide details about your profession, income, and your parent’s name. Check the description once and click Next to continue.

Step 4: Enter your business experience from the drop-down menu and click when done.

Step 5: In the next step, you must upload your signature. Your signature is required to open a Demat account. On plain white paper, sign your paper in deep color. Make sure it is clear to see. You may be asked to provide the same signature if needed in the future, so remember that you have signed. Click on the camera image to take a photo and upload your signature. You can take a photo again. Click OK if you like the image to continue.

Step 6: This step is an electronic tag based on the Aadhaar system. In this process, you have to give your Aadhaar number to the email signature, after which you will receive OTP in the registered mobile number associated with your Aadhaar. Click “EO Signature AOF” for electronic signature.

Please note that OTP will be sent to your mobile phone only after your account is connected to your mobile number. Print the form, read the description carefully, sign in the space provided and send the form to the address listed on the screen. 

Step 7: If your mobile number is linked to your account, enter the OTP / security code sent to your mobile and click submit.

Step 8: Carefully read the Demat account opening form and click “Register Now” to proceed.

Step 9: You will be sent to NSDL Electronic Signature Service. Here, enter your credit number or virtual credit ID and then click the OTP Send button. Enter the password once to complete the electronic signing process.

You will see a success screen that says “Successfully logged in”, then a screen that says “You can start investing now.” Click “Let’s get started” to continue.

You will be taken to the main screen. Until we complete the verification process, you may see a message on your home screen that says “Your documents are being processed.” Verification will be completed within 24 hours, after which you can start investing.

You will also receive an Original Customer Report (CMR), which will include details of your BO ID or Demat account number from Groww to your Registered Email ID as part of the regulation process.

The revolutionary investment in the Groww app allows you to invest in the most successful companies on the stock market with just 1 click.

Groww is more than just another investment app it offers big potential for high yields and has great respect for our investors. 

Their vision is to become a leading player within the financial sector and to strive to fulfil your greatest expectations. 

Groww constantly strives to establish strong relationships with each investor, offering personalized service and a broader investment horizon.

Groww is a free investing app available on iOS and Android. It makes it easy to track your investments – stocks, ETFs, index funds, etc.

Groww app is a game-changing app that can help you grow your savings exponentially by investing in Mutual Funds.

The only App which provides you with 100% transparency and ZERO fees, Groww allows you to build the wealth that you deserve. 

How to invest in the Groww app?

There are a few steps with the help of which we will be able to invest our money in the Groww app

The user can invest in grow app using the grow balance only!

Note: you can only invest if your K.Y.C is verified and your bank account is linked with Groww.

Step 1:

Once you log in with your Gmail id or any email id registered with Groww. Click on start investing. Then u will be redirected to the page to send money to your Groww balance.


After depositing the amount into your Groww balance.

Now it’s time to choose the mutual funds or stock u need to invest in!

In the case of a mutual fund:


Click on the mutual fund u need to invest in. Then select whether you want to invest a lump sum amount or want to start a sip.


After choosing that then select or add the amount you want to invest and then click on proceed!

Step 5:

Now click on confirm to confirm the amount you want to invest and start the investing process for you.

Step 6:

Now your order is confirmed and will be processed in 4-5 working days.

Is grow app registered with Sebi? 

Yes, Groww is registered with SEBI. But it is not registered with the name of Groww it is registered with the name of Next Billion Technology private limited in Sebi.

stock margin in grow app?

In the Groww app, you will be able to trade stock with as low a margin as 15% of the total value of the stock.

Margin is the money that you borrowed from the Groww app while u add the money to the Groww balance.

On which the grow app charges you to invest in the stock market on your behave!

Groww app brokerage charges?

Groww charges 0 Rs as an account opening charge.

For Equity Delivery, Equity Intraday, Equity Futures, Equity Options it charges 20 Rs per order executed.

All the transaction charges include 18 % GST on (Brokerage + Transaction charge + SEBI fee).

Groww doesn’t charge the user for the withdrawal of the amount present in the Groww balance.

It also doesn’t charge the user to redeem their mutual funds once they have made profit.

How to do intraday trading in groww app?

How to do intraday trading in groww app

Intraday Trading is the most common way of buying and selling stocks on the same day you buy them before the market closes. The main purpose of intraday trading is to make quick money by buying and selling shares as well as stocks.

The main thing to remember while doing intraday exchanging is to determine the particular

orders to intraday exchanging; assuming one neglects to do as so, the broker will square off your position whether it is a loss or profit.

When you are buying a Stock/Share there are two options available there:

  1. Delivery:

In this option, you will be able to buy a stock and keep it with you as long as possible and sell it whenever you want to based on profit.

  1. Intraday:

In this option, you will be able to buy the stock but the condition is that you need to sell and square off the transaction on the same day itself. To book your profit as well as loss

There are a few steps on how to start intraday trading:

1. Make sure you enter and exit at the right time to book your profit:

The best way to earn profit in intraday trading is to make an entry when there is a low potential risk. And have an exit within the closing time of the book the profit.

This can be done by monitoring the graphs or patterns in the graphs. You can decide to exit when u have reached the desired profit or maximum loss you can bear.

2. Always use stop loss to reduce losses:

Having a stop loss is one of the strategies to maintain a profit while exiting intraday trading.

How to option trading IN Groww app?

“Options trading” is the investing practice of buying and selling stock options from companies that you wish to invest in. This allows you to sell stocks “short,” purchase stocks below a certain price without paying it, which you can mark up for a surplus, etc.

To start with the Futures & options trading here are a few simple steps you need to follow how to start it:

Step1: Login to your Groww account via the app

Step2: Click on the F&O option which is present just below the Top gainer’s section

Step3:  After doing the above steps you will be able to see ‘Option chains’- which will take you to all the available contracts.

Step4: There are many contacts in F&O u may select any one of them.

  1. Index option
  2. Index futures
  3. Stock option
  4. Stock futures

Step5: Choose anyone as your preference.

Srep6: Click on the available contracts along with their Strick price, call price and put price.

Step 7: Later scroll down and click on Buy and Sell option to confirm your F&O order.

FAQ OF How to invest in groww app-option trading in groww app

Is Groww app trustworthy?

Yes Groww app is trustworthy its registered with Sebi

What if Groww shuts down?

If  Groww, go out of business, your account with the related mutual fund fund house will remain active.

Is Groww Chinese app?

No, its Indian app

Is Groww legal in India?

Yes Groww app is trustworthy its registered with Sebi

Conclusion OF How to invest in groww app-option trading in groww app

Groww is the most popular App/Website for beginners to start investing in the market which comprises Shares, Mutual funds, Nifty Bees, Index funds, futures and options, etc.

Groww has an excellent UI interface which makes it simple for the user to interact and start their investing journey.

Groww also allows the user to get the required education to start their investing journey and make it more suitable for them to earn money and also all kind of profit in the desired field of interest Here we concluded our topic How to invest in groww app-option trading in groww app

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